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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back up software: Allway sync, Syncback pro, Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite (Part II)

In this post we will have a look at Allway Sync.

This image shows the main screen

Once loaded up in memory, the software takes up 45Mb of RAM.

To set up a job is fairly straighforward
 1) Go to Job - Add a New Job. This will add the "New Job 1" tab
 2) Browse to the left and right sync folder
 3) Left Click on Analyze
 4) Right Click on Synchronize

That's pretty much it.

Clicking on the "Change" button we can define the type of back up we want.

Two-way sync
As an example here we have created a two-way folder sync with propagation of deletions and modifications.

This job here instead is similar to a Back up, Files are propageted to the right, with their changes, but no deletion is done

This job set a Mirroring, both deletions and modification are propageted

The sofware has also some versioning capabilties, but they are not great.

To sync 111,440 files it took 2min 02sec and 300Mb of memory, 45Mb for the sofware, 255 for the sync job. Speed wise is a good result, however it takes up a lot of memory too. As an example for 1Mln files we would need 2.33Gb of memory (if we can extrapolate the test result linearly). As you will see in one of my next post Syncback is much better to keep the RAM used low.

The main consequence of this inefficiecy is that it can ran into problem synching several hundreds of thousands files

Another major drawback is that you cannot sync two drives according to their label or serial number, which is a pain when you are using external drives whose letter is assigned by windows each time you plug the drive in a usb port. If windows reassigns a drive letter you need to change the left/right drive path in the Job tab.

Allway sync can also to run the jobs simultaneously, however this creates an ovearheard on the machine and make this feature pretty much useless. I gave it a try once, but had to stop the process.

For these easons I decided that I needed a new sync software and I started to search the web.This is how I end up buying Syncback Pro. As you will see, it sorts out all these drawbacks and gives much more flexibility to the end user.

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  1. Syncback Pro is very slow. I'm synchronizing 120.000 files about 160 gigabyte, it takes about 50 hours for syncback pro only to figure out the difference between 2 disks..

    I can tell you the difference though:!
    on both drives, everything is the same, exactly. Syncback pro already ran once a few days ago. I just added a new directory with those 120.000 files of 160gigs..

    now after 50 hours, I'm almost at 90% comparison.

    Obviously, syncbackpro is too stupid to see the difference is a complete directory and it's subs..

    btw, I copy files between those 2 disks at about 120Mbyte(BYTE! NOT BIT) per second.
    or to make it clear, 1 DVD I copy in less then a minute between those 2 drives

  2. If you ask me, Winmerge is much faster, about 5000 times faster then Syncback Pro, and it's open source. Just not a real sync util, since it only watches for differences and leaves the results to you..

    but since it's open source, it's easy to write your own copy/paste rules for sync.

  3. Backup is very necessary and is needed everywhere for data security, i like your software because it is very useful and amazing.
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