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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Excel Tip of the Day: My favourite shortcuts

In this post I will publish my favourite shortcuts. Shortcuts are overlooked by most users, but I can guarantee you that if you start to learn them you will be as much as 30% faster while using Excel. You will not need to use the mouse anymore, which is very time saving.

Let's get started

These are the most basic ones

Ctrl  +  C                      Copy
Ctrl  +  V                      Paste
Ctrl  +  X                      Cut
Ctrl  +  Z                      Undo
Ctrl  +  R                      Redo

Now let's see some others for copying and pasting

Alt + E + S + V            Copy Values
Alt + E + S + F            Copy  Formulas
Alt + E + S + M           Multiply
Alt + E + S + D            Add
Alt + E + S + E            Transpose

Quick Cell Formatting 

Alt + O + C                 Autofit Column Width
Ctrl + Shift + !             Change Format: two decimal place, thousands separator
Ctrl + Shift + ~            Change Format: General format

Selection ShortCuts

Alt + ;                         Display only visible cells
Shift + Space Bar        Select Rows
Ctrl  + Space Bar        Select Columns
Ctrl  + A                     Select Current Region
Ctrl  + A + A              Select Entire Worksheet
Ctrl  + /                       Select current array formula

While Editing a Formula

Ctrl + A                      Display the formula input box
Ctrl + Shift + A           Print in the formula bar the formula with arguments (not so useful in Excel 2010)


Alt + D + F                Dispaly Filter

Shift + Alt + Righ Arrow     Group
Shift + Alt + Left Arrow      Ungroup

Please feel free to add your most used shortcuts in the comments.

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