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Thursday, September 9, 2010

C# COM Exposed Collection

Code can be found here and here 
Visual Studio 2008 and Excel 2003-2008 required
Further details con be found on this post

You can find attache a project that contains code that will allow you to create a C# COM exposed collection so that
1) It has Item as default property. So from VB 6.0 you can just do employees(1).Name
2) It is a IEnumerable object
3) It has a GetEnumerator() function that can be used to create VB 6.0 strongly typed collection that can be iterated using the For Each loop

 Public Function NewEnum() As IUnknown
   Set NewEnum = mNetList.GetEnumerator
End Function

Please do not to register the CLASS for COM interop just go to Project/Properties/Build Register for COM Interop.

Do not use the option Project/Properties/Application/Assembly Information/Make assembly COM Visible.
I am using the attribute  ComVisible(true) to decide which class should be visible to COM on individual basis.

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