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Friday, September 10, 2010

How to Deploy a .NET COM Assembly with VS 2008 Quick Guide

This is a very quick guide on how to deploy a COM exposed .NET dll using VS 2008.
For details please visit
 Build and Deploy a .NET COM assembly
Guidelines for COM interoperability from .NET: Heath Stewart Blog
Exposing .NET Framework Compoents to COM

1) Add to the Solution a Setup Up project:
   Right-click Colution -- Add -- New Project
   Other Project Types -- Setup and Deployment -- Setup Project
   Name it

2) In Fyle System on Target machine go to Application Folder
3) Add Assembly...
4) Navitate to the MyLibrary.dll COM expose assembly that you want to deploy
5) Click Ok. The .tlb file associate to the .dll will be imported too. The Detected Dependencied folder will show you also the Microsoft .Net Framework and the .tlb file

6) Click MyLibary.dll and in the Property Window select
    Register  = vsdraCOM
7) Click MyLibray.tlb and in the Property Window select
    Register = vsdrfCOM
Build the solution.

If you have a problem with the MS VS Regestry Capture utility see here

You will find in the Setup Folder a setup.exe and msi package ready to be deployed.

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